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My name is Sharon Wiley, PhD & Destiny Coach

I’m passionate about helping people that are struggling with grief and loss to find their way back to a life that they can enjoy. But I found my purpose in coaching, training, encouraging, guiding and supporting women to heal their derailed and fragmented lives after loss. The death of loved ones, loss of a marriage, homes, relationships, security which leads to different forms and stages of grief. 

I believe you can overcome grief by understanding what grief is in order to release your narrative, reconnect to what you believe and reset your life– because I’ve been there. 


After experiencing multiple levels of regular thru chronic grief with the death of my two son’s ages, 7 and 10, my 8yr old son burned 65% of his body and my 14 yr. old daughter completely devastated. My life became unbearable, then my father was murdered age 55, my brother died from a massive heart attack 36, my grandmother and mother died, my cousin died from colon cancer age 17, the death of my niece age 29, loss of a home, homelessness, divorce, financially broke while the deaths and losses continued. But I believed that I was loved and that I mattered in spite of all the indescribable pain. 


This wasn’t an easy journey, but I knew that to have overcame that magnitude of trauma and devastation my Purpose was for me to give back and help millions of women to release their pain, reset belief’s and renew their lives! 

Read my book, “A Resilient Women’s Guide from Grief to Greatness.”


Nevertheless, as a lifelong learner, it seemed natural to me to delve deeper into why I felt the way I did and how I could get help to heal myself. This I did with researching, education, training and coaching in order to understand the mindset’s, resiliency, belief systems, sleep hygiene and that’s only a few topics that I received understanding, degrees and certifications.  One thing for sure is that I recognized that my life experience and fighting my way back to a healthy, thriving, exciting life is priceless. No one can put a price on the journey I walked and the experiences I lived.


So, to all the Resilient Women, I’m looking forward to getting to know you more.

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Coach Sharon Wiley, PhD



I’ve studied the grieving process for over 20 years. Also, I’ve experienced it and understand the turmoil, the chaos it brings into your life.  Even worse the multiple losses brings layers of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual devastation you’re left to face on a daily basis and I can help you navigate that painful journey.



Create new ways of thinking and grow through your grieving experience.  

While keeping and holding memories in your heart.

Always remembering that 

Life is a series of beginnings, endings, challenges, changes joy, and wins. 

Knowing the good thing about endings is they allow for new beginnings, dreams, and possibilities to enter. When you see and view your grief or loss in a different.

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